Idioms and Phrases - Practice Set - 12

Directions: In the questions given below, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase underlined in the sentence. Click on the option given under each question which you think best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.


1. A paper tiger

  1. Person or organisation that appears powerful, but actually is not
  2. Person or organisation that acts like a tiger
  3. People who campaign for the protection of tigers
  4. A daredevil

2. Lily-livered

  1. Brave and courageous
  2. Not brave
  3. Comical
  4. Outrageous

3. Eat like a bird

  1. Eat fast
  2. Eat very little
  3. Eat a lot
  4. Pretending to be eating

4. The dog days

  1. Days celebrating dogs
  2. The bitter days
  3. The hottest days
  4. The coldest days

5. A banana republic

  1. A small or poor country with a weak government
  2. A small or poor country which produces banana
  3. A country which has been occupied by a big country
  4. A country without any government

6. The pros and cons

  1. The good and bad parts of a situation
  2. Like and dislike of a situation
  3. A bad experience in an event
  4. A good moment of an event

7. Prime the pump

  1. To do something in order to make something succeed
  2. To do good things to succeed in life
  3. To do something in order to get bad things done
  4. Asking people to do things to make something succeed

8. The green-eyed monster

  1. Feeling of being joyous
  2. Feeling of being jealous
  3. Feeling bad about happenings
  4. Feeling lucky about something

9. Rise to the occasion

  1. To celebrate a success in a difficult situation
  2. To regret a situation which ended in failure
  3. To succeed in dealing with a difficult situation
  4. To motivate people to succeed in a difficult situation

10. Call it a day

  1. End of the day
  2. Completion of work
  3. Stop doing something
  4. A beautiful day

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