Idioms and Phrases - Practice Set - 7

Directions: In the questions given below, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase underlined in the sentence. Click on the option given under each question which you think best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.


1. Hard work pays in the long run.

  1. always
  2. over a period of time
  3. indefinitely
  4. never

2. I felt a fish out of water among the lawyers.

  1. special
  2. happy
  3. uncomfortable
  4. proud

3. The Cauvery water issue led to apple of discord between the two Governments.

  1. cause of anger
  2. cause of hatred
  3. cause of quarrel
  4. cause of animosity

4. The construction remains unfinished and the workers have let the grass grow under their feet.

  1. grown grass all over the lawn
  2. gone on a luxury tour
  3. demanded more benefits
  4. delayed doing the work

5. The police smelt the rat behind the death of the girl.

  1. got very much confused
  2. identified the cause of death
  3. suspected that something is fishy
  4. jumped to the conclusion

6. When he saw the snake he took to his heels.

  1. ran away in fear
  2. went slowly
  3. walked in fear
  4. jumped fast


7. He has to abide by the hard and fast rule of the company.

  1. flexible
  2. strict
  3. difficult
  4. honest

8. She goes to her mother's house off and on.

  1. frequently
  2. rarely
  3. occasionally
  4. sometimes

9. The robber murdered, the woman in cold blood for the sake of the jewels.

  1. a murder done without feeling
  2. a murder done in revenge
  3. a murder done in great anger
  4. a murder done in enmity

10. Indians are going places in the field of software technology.

  1. going abroad
  2. going to spaces
  3. talented and successful
  4. friendly and amicable

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