Idioms and Phrases - Practice Set - 9

Directions: In the questions given below, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase underlined in the sentence. Click on the option given under each question which you think best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.


1. The Kenyan team proved to be the dark horse in the ICC world cup cricket.

  1. a strong intruder
  2. a skilled team
  3. the most powerful
  4. an unexpected winner

2. The step mother shed crocodile tears on the death of her step son.

  1. to cry for no reason
  2. felt sorry for the son
  3. shed tears of blood
  4. false tears of sorrow

3. It was on the tip of my tongue when you also proposed that we should go to the auditorium.

  1. slip of tongue
  2. on lips
  3. about to say
  4. did not want to say

4. Kindly tell him by word of mouth that I shall be dining with him tonight.

  1. orally
  2. using gestures
  3. jargons
  4. written

5. Hari was taken to task by the teacher for making a noise in the class.

  1. scolded
  2. rewarded
  3. appreciated
  4. asked to leave

6. I could have continued my higher studies if I wanted but, that’s water under the bridge.

  1. something I cannot change
  2. the time I met with an accident near the bridge
  3. something my family did not want
  4. the time I went on a cruise


7. My parents want me to study science, but I will stick to my guns and graduate in Economics.

  1. prefer to disobey them
  2. hold on to my decision
  3. refuse to listen to them
  4. show them that they are wrong

8. The manager dismissed the proposal out of hand and said that it was not at all practical.

  1. completely
  2. directly
  3. simply
  4. quickly

9.The people of this village are the salt of the earth.

  1. rich
  2. educated
  3. quarrelsome
  4. kind

10. He accused her of talking through her hat and refused to accept a word of what she said.

  1. talking straight
  2. talking nonsense
  3. talking tough
  4. talking sense

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