Books by Scientists

Name of the Book Author
On the Origin of SpeciesCharles Darwin
The Voyage of the BeagleCharles Darwin
Radioactive SubstancesMarie Curie
The Realm of NebulaeEdwin Hubble
A Brief History of TimeStephen Hawking
The Grand DesignStephen Hawking
Black Holes and Baby UniversesStephen Hawking
The Selfish GeneRichard Dawkins
Pale Blue DotCarl Sagan
Ideas and OpinionsAlbert Einstein
Relativity - The Special and the General TheoryAlbert Einstein
The World As I See ItAlbert Einstein
The Meaning of RelativityAlbert Einstein
The Double HelixJames D Watson
MicrographiaRobert Hooke
On the Revolutions of Heavenly BodiesNicolaus Copernicus
If this is a ManPrimo Levi
Periodic TablePrimo Levi
General Introduction to PsychoanalysisSigmund Freud
The Interpretation of DreamsSigmund Freud
Principia MathematicaAlfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell