Periodic Table and Elements

Elements - Some facts

Fact to remember Name of the element
Element most abundant in the UniverseHydrogen
Element which forms more than 10 million compoundsCarbon
Element with the lowest melting and boiling pointHelium
Element with the highest melting pointCarbon
Element with the highest boiling pointTungsten
Element with highest densityOsmium
Element with lowest densityHydrogen
Element with highest electronegativityFlourine
Element with lowest electronegativity (highest electropositivity)Francium
The first element to be produced artificiallyTechnitium
The most corrosion resistant element (which cannot be affected by water, chemicals or acids)Iridium
The element which was discovered on the Sun before it was found on the EarthHelium
The non-metallic element which is liquid at room temperatureBromine
The metallic element which is liquid at room temperatureMercury
The most reactive elementFlourine

Facts about Periodic Table

The Periodic Table was created by Dmitry Mendeleyev, a Russian chemist and professor in 1869.
The Periodic Table has seven rows or periods.
The present Periodic Table has room only for 118 elements.
Rare earth elements which are 17 in number are actally not rare. Most of them are commonly found