Top Trading Partners

Top Exporters to India

ChinaRs. 2,84,385 crores1Rs. 3,08,977 crores1
Saudi ArabiaRs. 1,84,685 crores3Rs. 2,21,231 crores2
U.A.E.Rs. 2,12,923 crores2Rs. 1,74,620 crores3
U.S.A.Rs. 1,37,239 crores5Rs. 1,34,428 crores4
SwitzerlandRs. 1,74,512 crores4Rs. 1,12,930 crores5

Top Importers from India

U.S.A.Rs. 1,96,771 crores1Rs. 2,36,751 crores1
U.A.ERs. 1,97,832 crores2Rs. 1,84,743 crores2
ChinaRs. 73,773 crores4Rs. 90,809 crores3
Hong KongRs. 66,898 crores5Rs. 77,251 crores4
SingaporeRs. 73,995 crores3Rs. 74,912 crores5

India's Share in World Exports - Top 5 items

ItemShare % as per 2012 data
Pearls, precious and semi-precious stones14.7%
Tea and mate8.8%
Cereals and cereal preparations7.4%

Principal Imports of India

ItemValue as per 2013-14 preliminary estimates
Petroleum, oil and lubricantsRs. 10,00,064 crores
Capital goodsRs. 3,24,261 crores
Non-ferrous metalsRs. 2,27,254 crores
Non-electrical machinery apparatus and appliances including machine toolsRs. 1,55,167 crores
Pearls, precious and semiprecious stones, unworked or workedRs. 1,44,557 crores

Principal Exports of India

ItemValue as per 2013-14 preliminary estimates
Machinery, transport & metal manufactures including iron and steelRs. 4,18,423 crores
Mineral fuels and lubricants (incl.coal)Rs. 3,91,281 crores
Chemicals and allied productsRs. 2,50,325 crores
Gems and JewelleryRs. 2,48,465 crores
Readymade garmentsRs. 90,402 crores

Note: All data based on Economy Survey 2013-14 of Government of India