Countries and Parliaments

Parliaments of Bicameral Countries of the World

CountryParliamentLower HouseUpper House
AfghanistanNational AssemblyHouse of PeopleHouse of Elders
AustraliaParliament of AustraliaHouse of RepresentativesSenate
BhutanParliament of BhutanNational AssemblyNational Council
BrazilNational CongressChamber of DeputiesFederal Senate
CanadaParliamentHouse of CommonsSenate
FranceParliamentNational AssemblySenate
JapanDiet (Kokkai)House of Representatives (Shugiin)House of Councillors (Sangiin)
MyanmarAssembly of the UnionHouse of RepresentativesHouse of Nationalities
PakistanParliament of PakistanNational AssemblySenate
RussiaFederal Assembly State DumaFederation Council
United KingdomParliamentHouse of CommonsHouse of Lords
U.S.A.CongressHouse of RepresentativesSenate
SwitzerlandFederal AssemblyNational CouncilCouncil of States
South AfricaParliamentNational AssemblyNational Council of Provinces
SpainGeneral CourtsCongress of DeputiesSenate

Parliaments of Unicameral Countries of the World

BangladeshNational Parliament (Jatiyo Sansad)
ChinaNational People's Congress
GermanyFederal Diet (Bundestag)
IsraelAssembly (Knesset)
Sri LankaParliament
SwedenThe Riksdag
United Arab EmiratesFederal National Assembly (Majlis Watoni Ittihad)
Vatican CityPontifical Commission