Diseases transmitted by Animals

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zoonotic diseases

Animal/Bird/Insect Disease
Tsetse flySleeping Sickness
Sand flyKala Azar
Anopheles mosquitoMalaria
RodentsBubonic Plague
RodentsHantavirus Syndromes
Animals in generalAnthrax
PoultryAvian Influenza or Bird Flu
Pigs (through Culex mosquitoes)Japanese Encephalitis
MosquitoDengue, West Nile Fever, Yellow Fever
TicksCrimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever, Lyme
Fruit batsNipah virus infection
Note: Diseases which can be transmitted from animals to humans and vice-versa are called zoonotic diseases.


Zoonotic Diseases

DiseaseOptionTransmitted by
1. Rabies a. Tsetse fly
2. Tularemiab. Anopheles Mosquito
3. Leptospirosisc. Rabbits
4. Kala Azard. Dogs
5.Sleeping Sicknesse. Sand fly
6. Malariaf. Rodents