Important Fairs of India

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Significance of Fairs in India

Traditional fairs hold a significant place in the cultural fabric of India, serving as platforms for social, economic, and cultural exchange. These fairs, often rooted in age-old traditions and customs, bring together communities from far and wide, fostering a sense of unity and collective celebration.

Village fairs serve as important marketplaces where artisans, craftsmen, and traders showcase their products, creating opportunities for economic transactions and livelihoods. Additionally, these fairs provide a space for religious and spiritual gatherings, with pilgrims and devotees coming together to pay homage to deities and seek blessings.

FairPlaceTime of the year
1. Ambubachi MelaKamakhya Temple, AssamAssamese month 'Ahaar'
2. Baneshwar FairDungarpur Mahadev Temple, RajasthanFebruary
3. Chandrabahaga FairJhalarapatan, Jhalawar, RajasthanKartik month (October-November)
4. Gangasagar FairGangasagar Island, West BengalJanuary - February
5. Pushkar FairPushkar, RajasthanKartik (Oct - Nov)
6. Sonepur Cattle FairSonepur at the confluence of Ganga and Gandak, BiharKartik month (Oct - Nov)
7. Nauchandi FairMeerut, U.P.For 1 month, starting second day after Holi
8. Surajkund Handicrafts MelaSurajkund in Faridabad, Haryana1 to 15 February
9. Thrissur PooramVadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur, KeralaMalayalam month 'Medam'
10. Medaram Jatara or Sammakka Saralamma JataraMedaram in Warangal, TelanganaJanuary - February
11. Madhavpur MelaMadhavpur Ghed in Porbander (Guj)March-April (for 5 days from Ramnavami)
12. Kumbh MelaNasik, Ujjain, Allahabad, HaridwarVaries according to star position
Kumbh Mela is held once in 12 years. All others are held annually.

Quiz on Fairs of India

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1. In which state is the Gangasagar Fair held?

2. Which states hosts the famous Sonepur Cattle Fair?

3. Thrissur Pooram is an annual fair held in the state of -

4. Where is the Madhavpur Mela held annually?

5. In which state is the Ambubachi Fair held annually?

6. Which state hosts the Surajkund International Handicrafts Mela?

7. Where is the Medaram Jatra held annually?

8. Which fair is held at the Kamakhya temple in Assam?