Languages of the World

The total number of languages in the world as recorded by Ethnologue, the journal that chronicles the languages of the world 7097
The languages having the highest number of speakers in the worldChinese (Mandarin)
The languages having the second highest number of speakers in the world Spanish
The languages having the third, fourth and fifth highest number of speakers in the world English, Arabic and Hindi respectively
The language which has been adapted as the official language of maximum number of countries (59) isEnglish
The only other country which has Hindi as one its official languagesFiji
The other countries which have Tamil as one their official languagesSingapore and Sri Lanka
The official language of Pakistan Urdu
The language having the largest number of native speakers in PakistanPunjabi
The official language of Bhutan Dzongkha
The official language of Israel Hebrew
The official languages of Afghanistan Dari and Pashto
The official languages of SwitzerlandGerman, (63.7%), French (20.4%), Italian (6.5%) and Romansch (0.5%)