Highest Mountains of the World

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Feature Name
Highest mountainMt Everest* (Nepal) 8,848 m
Highest mountain in Africa Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) 5895m
Highest mountain in Australia Mt Kosciuszko 2234 m
Highest mountain in Europe Mt Elbrus (Russia) 5642 m
Highest mountain in North America Mt Denali** (Alaska, USA) 6187m
Highest mountain in South America Mt Aconcagua (Argentina) 7021m
Highest mountain in Antarctica Mt Vinson Massif
Highest mountain in Oceania (Australia and New Guinea)Puncak Jaya (Mount Carstensz) 4884m
*Mt. Everest named after Sir George Everest, Surveyor General of India is known as Chomolungma in Tibet and Sagarmatha in Nepal.
**Mt Denali was earlier known as Mt McKinley and was renamed in 2015.
Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano in Hawaii is over 10,000 m tall from its base to peak (taller than Mt. Everest) but most of it lies under the ocean and is only 4,205 m above sea level.

Eight Thousanders - Mountains above 8000m in height

Name Location Height First Scaled
Mt EverestNepal8,848 m1953
Mt K2 or Godwin AustinKarkoram, POK8,611 m1954
KanchenjungaSikkim, India8,586 m1955
LhotseNepal/China8,516 m1956
MakaluNepal/China8,485 m1955
Cho OyuNepal/China8,201 m1954
DhaulagiriNepal8,167 m1960
ManasluNepal8,163 m1956
Nanga Parbat Karkoram, POK8,126 m1953
AnnapurnaNepal8,091 m1950
Note: There are 14 eight-thousanders in the world and all of them are located in the Himalayan and Karkoram ranges of Asia



Continents and Highest Peaks

ContinentOptionHighest Peak
1. Oceania a. Mt Everest
2. Antarcticab. Mt Kilimanjaro
3. Africac. Mt Elbrus
4. Europed. Mt Denali
5. Asiae. Mt Aconcagua
6. N. Americaf. Mt Vinson Massif
7. S. Americag. Mt Carstensz