Reasoning - Questions on Alphabetical Series - 2

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Which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?

1. nc __ dcn __ cddc __ n __ ddcnn __ d  

Answer (b). d, n, n, c and c. The sequence is ncddcn ncddcn ncddcn ncd.

2. a __ ab __ bcbc __ caca __  

Answer (d). b, c, a and b. The sequence is ab abc bc bca ca cab.

3. l __ se __ os __ lo __ el __ se  

Answer (a). o, l, e, s and o. The sequence is lose lose lose lose.

4. aba __ baca __ ba __ bacaabac __ aca  

Answer (a). c, a, c & b. The sequence is abac baca abac baca abac baca.

5. ca __ bd __ ec __ fd __ gef   

Answer (a). b, c, d and e. The sequence is cab bdc ecd fde gef. Every group of 3 alphabets is jumbled up.

6. __ in __ __ i __ kw __ nk __ in __  

Answer (c). w, k, w, n, i, w and k. The sequence is wink wink wink wink.

7. QST __ QS __ R Q __ TR __ STR  

Answer (b). R, T, S and Q. The sequence is QSTR, QSTR, QSTR, QSTR.

8. a __ b __ a __ __ n __ bb __ abbn  

Answer (b). b, n , b, b, a and n. The sequence is abbn abbn abbn abbn.

9. __ a __ aaaba __ __ ba __ ab __  

Answer (a). a, b, a, a, a, a and a. The sequence is aaba aaba aaba aaba.

10. h __ eg __ fegh __ eghfe __  

Answer (d). The sequence is hfeg hfeg hfeg hfeg.

11. ac __ bd __ ce __ df __ egh  

Answer (d) d, e, f and g. The sequence is acd bde cef dfg egh. The first letter of each group is in alphabetical order a b c d e, similarly the second and third.

12. XY __ KX __ ZK __ YZK XYZ __ __  

Answer (a) Z, Y, X, K and X. The sequence is XYZK XYZK XYZK XYZK X

13. a e b d __ f j g i __ k o l n __  

Answer (b) c, h and m. The sequence is a e b d c // f j g i h // k o l n m. a --> f --> k (4 alphabets in between them.) e --> j --> o also have 4 alphabets in between them.

14. ac __ cab __ baca __ aba __ aca __  

Answer (b) The sequence is acac abab acac abab acac.

15. ac ___ ga ___ eg ___ ce  

Answer (b). e, c, a and g. The sequence is: aceg aceg aceg.