Important Facts about Blood

The study of blood is known as Haematology
The normal volume of blood in an adult human is 4.7 to 5 litres
Haemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to other cells in your body; it contains iron which combines with oxygen to give our blood, a red color.
Blood is purified mainly by lungs which remove gaseous impurities like CO2 and kidneys which remove other impurities.
The drug or chemical which prevents blood from clotting is called anticoagulant.
William Harvey was the first scientist to describe accurately how blood is pumped around the body by the heart.
Karl Landsteiner classified the bloods of human beings into A, B, AB, and O groups.
Rh blood group system was discovered by Karl Landsteiner and A.S. Weiner. Each blood group type may be Rh positive or negative.
The most common blood group type is O+ or O positive
The normal blood pressure range is 120/80. The top number (120) is known as the systolic number while the bottom number (80) is known as the diastolic number.
Blood pressure is measured by an instrument known as sphygmomanometer.

Blood Group - Relation between Parents and Child

 Father's Blood Group
AA or OA, B, AB, OA, Bor ABA or O
BA, B, AB, OB or OA, B or ABB or O
ABA, B or ABA, B or ABA, B or ABA or B
OA or OB or OA or BO
 Child's Blood Group