Important Facts about Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy - Facts to remember

Longest bone in human bodyFemur (thigh bone)
Smallest boneStapes in the middle ear
Hardest material in the human bodyTooth enamel
Strongest muscleJaw muscle
Largest musclegluteus maximus (buttock muscle)
Largest external organSkin
Largest internal organLiver
Smallest glandPineal
Largest arteryAorta
Smallest blood vesselCapillary
Element most common in human bodyOxygen (65%)
Mineral most common in human bodyCalcium
Compound most common in human bodyWater
Pigment which gives a dark colour to the skinMelanin
Nails are modification ofEpidermis (external layer of skin)
Muscles are attached to bones by connective tissues calledTendons
Bones are attached to bones byLigaments
The volume of blood in an adult is4.7 to 5 litres
The total number of bones in human body is206
The most common type of blood group isType O+