Commonly used Medicines and Drugs

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Characteristic Drug Name
The drug commonly used for treatment of fever and as a painkillerParacetamol
The drug commonly used for treatment of asthmaSalbutamol
The drug commonly used to treat cold and allergy symptoms of sneezing, itching, watery eyes, or runny nose.Cetirizine
The drug commonly used to treat viral infections especially swine flu (H1N1)Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)
The drug commonly used to prevent and treat malariaChloroquine
Some other drugs to be remembered
An anti-inflammatory drug given to animals, which is causing the death of vultures feeding on the dead bodies of such animals. (However, the drug is commonly prescribed to human beings.Diclofenac
A common pesticide which is banned in many western countries but continues to be used in India. It kills harmless insects thus affecting the food of the birds and the environment in generalEndosulfan
The drug which is popularly known as 'Go Pill' and used by pilots to enhance their performance in long duration operations to overcome sleep deprivation and resultant fatigueModafinil
The pain-killer which is banned in many countries due to its liver toxicity (In India it is banned for use by children).Nimesulide
The banned drug usually given to cows and buffaloes to enhance their milk outputOxytocin
The drug commonly sold under the brand name 'Viagra'Sildenafil citrate

Note : The information is intended to be used as general knowledge for competitive examinations and not to be taken as any kind of medical advice.

Match Drugs and their Diseases

1. Paracetamol a. Malaria
2. Oseltamivirb. Fever
3. Chloroquinec. Allergy
4. Cetirizined. Asthma
5. Salbutamole. Swine Flue