Types of Medicines

Medicine Use
Anti-pyreticMedicine to reduce the body temperature
Anti-histamineMedicine to provide relief in certain allergies and coughs
Anti-flatulenceMedicine to reduce intestinal gas
Anti-spasmodicMedicine to reduce muscular contractions usually in stomach
AntacidMedicine to counteract stomach acidity
AntihelmenthicMedicine used to expel parasitic worms from the body
AphetamineMedicine used to increase energy and reduce appetite
Anabolic steroidMedicine used to increase muscles to improve performance in sports etc.
AntibioticMedicine used to cure bacterial infections
Beta-blockerMedicine used to make the heart work more slowly
DecongestantMedicine that helps one to breathe more easily during lung infections
DiureticsMedicine to increase the discharge of urine
ExpectorantMedicine which helps in expulsion of mucus from the lungs
LaxativeMedicine to provide relief in constipation
StatinMedicine used to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood
TranquiliserMedicine to reduce anxiety and bring about calmness