Nine Gems (Navratna) of Akbar's Court

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NamePoints to remember
Abul Fazl He was the chronicler of Akbar's rule. He authored Akbar's biography - Akbarnama. Abul Fazl documented the history meticulously over a period of seven years.
Faizi Faizi translated the Panchatantra, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata into Persian.
Todar Mal Todar Mal was the revenue minister of Sher Shah Suri who continued in the position in the court of Akbar. He introduced standard weights and measurements, revenue districts and officers.
Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khanan Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khanan was the son of Akbar’s general Bairam Khan, the person who looked after him after the death of Humayun. Rahim is known for his couplets or Dohe.
Tansen Tansen (original name Ramtanu Pandey) was a great musician who is credited with innovation of Raagas such as Mian ki Malhar, Mian ki Todi and Darbari Kanada.
Raja Man Singh Raja Man Singh, a trusted lieutenant of Akbar was the grandson of Akbar’s father-in-law. Raja Man Singh assisted Akbar in many fronts including holding off advancing Hakim (Akbar’s half-brother) in Lahore. He also led campaigns in Orissa.
Faqir Aziao Din He was mystic and advisor whose advice Akbar regarded respectfully.
Mullah Do Piaza He was also an advisor in the court of Akbar known for his intelligence.
Birbal His original name was Maheshdas. He was a well known court jester.

Nine Gems of Akbar's Court

1. Original name Mahesh Das
2. Known for his couplets
3. Revenue Minister
4. Translated the Ramayana into Persian
5. Author of Akbarnama
6. Great musician

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