Important Organic Acids

NameChiefly found inFormula
Lactic acidSour milkC2H4OHCOOH
Acetic acidVinegarCH3COOH
Formic acid (Methanoic acid)Ant venomHCO2H
Citric acidCitrus fruits like lemon, lime, orangeC6H8O7
Oxalic acidRhubarb, spinachH2C2O4
Butyric acidMilk, butter CH3CH2CH2-COOH
Lauric acidCoconut oilCH3(CH2)10COOH
Malic acidSour apples, sour grapesHO2CCH2CHOHCO2H
Tartaric acidGrapes, tamarinds, pineapplesC4H6O6
Erucic acidRapeseed oil, Mustard oilCH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)11COOH

Properties of Acids

1. Acids have pH less than 7.
2. Acids turn blue litmus to red.
3. Acids have sour taste.
With basesAcids react with bases to produce a salt and water.
With carbonatesAcids react with carbonates to produce salt, water and carbon dioxide.
With metalsAcids react with metals to produce a salt and hydrogen.