Important Inorganic Acids

NameFormulaCommon UseAlso remember
Hydrochloric acidHClPickling of steelGastric acid secreted by stomach mainly contains HCl.
Nitric acidHNO3Production of fertilisersNitric acid is produced by electric discharge in the atmosphere such as lightning. Known as Aqua Fortis in ancient times.
Sulphuric acidH2SO4As an electrolyte in lead-acid batteries.Known as Oil of Vitriol in ancient times.
Phosphoric acidH3PO4Used in beverages like colas to give a tangy taste.-
Hydroflouric acidHFEtching (writing or marking) of glassStored in plastic containers.
Carbonic acidH2CO3Making of soft drinks and other bubbly drinksCO2 in air combines with water in the ocean to form carbonic acid. Ocean acidification thus caused is of grave environmental concern.
Boric acidH3BO31. Antiseptic 2. Eye wash 3. Socks and shoes to prevent athlete's foot-