National Air Sports Policy 2022

NASP 2022

The policy was launched by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt of India in June 2022.

VISION: To make India as one of the top sports nations by 2030, by providing a safe, affordable, accessible, enjoyable and sustainable air sports ecosystem in India.

Mission: To provide a safe, affordable, accessible, enjoyable and sustainable air sports ecosystem in India.

Key Objectives of NASP 2022:

  1. Promote an air sports culture in the country
  2. Enable adoption of international good practices in safety including but not limited to, air sports infrastructure, equipment, operations, maintenance and training
  3. Develop a simple, stakeholder-friendly and effective governance structure
  4. Enhance participation and success of Indian sportspersons in global air sports events; and
  5. Promote design, development and manufacturing of air sports equipment in India in line with the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.

The policy will cover the following air sports in India:

  1. Aerobatics
  2. Aero modeling and model rocketry
  3. Amateur-built and experimental aircraft
  4. Ballooning
  5. Drones
  6. Gliding and powered gliding
  7. Hang gliding and powered hang gliding
  8. Parachuting (including skydiving, BASE jumping and wing suits etc.)
  9. Paragliding and para motoring (including powered parachute trikes etc.)
  10. Powered aircraft (including ultra light, micro light and light sports aircraft etc.)
  11. Rotorcraft (including autogyro)

Under the new policy, there will be four-tier governance structure for air sports in India namely

  1. Air Sports Federation of India (ASFI) as the apex governing body
  2. National associations for individual air sports or a set of air sports, as appropriate
  3. Regional (e.g. West/ South/ North East etc.) or State and Union Territory level units of the national air sports associations, as appropriate; and
  4. District-level air sports associations, as appropriate.

Air Sports Federation of India

  1. ASFI shall be an autonomous body under the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
  2. ASFI shall represent India at FAI and other global platforms related to air sports.