Sentence Improvement – 1

Click on the option given under each question which you think will improve the sentence.


1. The police accused him for theft.

  1. with
  2. in
  3. of
  4. No improvement

2. He wanted that I left immediately.

  1. I may leave
  2. me to leave
  3. I leave
  4. No improvement

3. This is to certify that I know Mr. J.Mathews since 1970.

  1. am knowing
  2. had known
  3. have known
  4. No improvement

4. They took away everything that belonged to him.

  1. that had been belonging
  2. that belong
  3. that has been belonging
  4. No improvement

5. It was the mother of the girl of whose voice I had recognised.

  1. whose voice
  2. the voice of who
  3. voice whose
  4. No improvement

6. The Executive Council is consisted of ten members.

  1. consists of
  2. comprises of
  3. constituted of
  4. No improvement


7. The maid was laying the table for dinner.

  1. setting up
  2. lying
  3. sorting out
  4. No improvement

8. We have so arranged the matters and one of us is always on duty.

  1. that one of us
  2. so that one of us
  3. such that one of us
  4. No improvement

9. Hardly have we got into the forest when it began to rain.

  1. Hardly we got
  2. We had hardly got
  3. We had got hard
  4. No improvement

10. Each time he felt tired he lied down.

  1. lies
  2. lays
  3. lay
  4. No improvement

Explanations to the above

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1. The preposition of is used with accuse.

6. The sentence can also be "The Executive Council comprises ten members".

7. With setting, the sentence would be "The maid was setting the table" and not setting up.

9. If we begin the sentence with hardly, the sentence would read thus, "Hardly had we got into the forest when it began to rain".