Sentence Improvement – 2

Click on the option given under each question which you think will improve the sentence.


1. Though it was raining, but I went out.

  1. but yet I
  2. I
  3. however I
  4. No improvement

2. There is no chance of success unless you do not work hard.

  1. unless you work
  2. until your working
  3. until you do not work
  4. No improvement

3. She has grown too old to do little work.

  1. some
  2. any
  3. a little
  4. No improvement

4. No one enjoys to deceive his family.

  1. deceiving
  2. for deceiving
  3. deceive
  4. No improvement

5. Have you ever saw the flower of a pumpkin plant ?

  1. see
  2. seeing
  3. seen
  4. No improvement

6. It is an ancient, historical place and it once belongs to the Pandavas.

  1. belonged
  2. belonging
  3. belong
  4. No improvement


7. Since we were knowing the correct route, we did not worry at all.

  1. knew
  2. have known
  3. know
  4. No improvement

8. Our country can progress when only people work hard.

  1. when people only work hard
  2. when people work hard only
  3. only when people work hard
  4. No improvement

9. Wake me up when father will come.

  1. comes
  2. will have come
  3. came
  4. No improvement

10. Do take an umbrella with you lest you do not get wet.

  1. lest you should get wet
  2. lest you should not get wet
  3. lest you might not get wet
  4. No improvement

Explanations to the above

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1. Though and But are not used together.

2. A negative is not used with unless.

10. Lest has a negative meaning and hence should not be used with not.