Directions: In the questions given below, four options have been given. Click on the option which you think is the RIGHT ANSWER to the question.

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1. Nobel Prizes are not given for which of the following fields?

2. The Pulitzer Prize is associated with which one of the following?

3. To encourage increase in the quality, quantity and availibility of food in the world, the World Food Prize was founded by

4. Which of the following organisations gives the Kalinga Prize for popularising science?

5. Ramon Magsaysay awards are given in honour of former President of

6. Which of the following awards is also known as Alternative Nobel Prize?

7. The reputed Man Booker Prize is awarded every year to the Best Novel in English by -

8. Which of the following awards is known as Mathematicians' Nobel Prize?

9. Which of the following awards is given by World Economic Forum to artists who have used their art to improve the state of the world?

10. Which of the following awards is NOT associated with films?


11. At which of the following film festivals is the Golden Peacock award given to the best film?

12. Which of the following prizes is given to a person who has "made an exceptional contribution to affirming life's spiritual dimension"?

13. Booker Prize is given in the field of -

14. Sabin Award is given for the conservation of -

15. Which of the following awards is instituted by the UNESCO?

16. Mahathir Award for Global Peace instituted in 2013 has been named after a former Prime Minister of -

17. Which of the following is exclusively awarded to writers from the African continent?

18. Which of the following awards are given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, USA?

19. Which of the following awards is given for contribution to architecture?

20. Which country funds the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize?

21. Who amongst the following gives the Abel Prize, also known as the mathematician's Nobel?