Welcome to our comprehensive Human Anatomy Quiz! Are you ready to test your knowledge of the intricacies of the human anatomy? Whether you're a medical student, a biology enthusiast, or just someone curious about the inner workings of the human anatomy, this quiz is designed to challenge and educate you. With 50 thought-provoking questions covering various anatomical systems, organs, and functions, you'll embark on a journey through the remarkable complexity of our biology. From the cardiovascular system to the nervous system, from bones to muscles, this quiz will put your anatomical expertise to the test. So, roll up your sleeves (figuratively speaking) and dive into the fascinating world of human anatomy!

Directions: In the questions given below, four options have been given. Click on the option which you think is the RIGHT ANSWER to the question.

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1. When we eat something we like, our mouth waters. This is actually not water but fluid secreted from

2. Which of the following is known as the voice box?

3. Which one among the following will be absorbed fastest through the wall of digestive system?

parts of stomach

4. It has been observed the astronauts lose substantial quantity of calcium through urine during space flight. This is due to

5. Cutting and peeling of onion bring tears to the eyes because of the presence of -

6. The contractile proteins in a muscle are –

7. Which of the following is not an enzyme of human anatomy?

8. Which one of the following is not a part of small intestine in human anatomy?

9. In the human anatomy, all enzymes are actually

10. Cartilage present in the body is -

11. Which one among the following glands is present in pair in human anatomy?

12. During the process of respiration in human beings, where does the exchange of gases take place?

13. Which one of the glands of human anatomy produces the growth hormone (Somatotropin)?

14. Which one of the following is a pigment?

15. In human anatomy, what is the opening of the stomach into the small intestine called?

16. In which part of the human anatomy do we find the islet of langerhans?

17. Cell or tissue death within a living body is called as -

Capacity of Brain

18. Which part of the human eye is transplanted from a dead donor to a living person?

19. In the human body, nails are made up of -

20. Sweating during exercise indicates operation of which one of the following processes in the human body?

21. Pituitary gland is situated in which part of the human anatomy?

22. In which part of the human anatomy is the smallest bone found?

23. Which among the following is the largest endocrine gland of human anatomy?

24. Which among the following is both an endocrine and exocrine gland of human anatomy?

25. Which one of the following enzymes is found in human saliva?


26. What is the normal number of chromosomes in human body?

27. In which system of the human anatomy, are the Cowper's glands found?

28. Which of the following parts does not take part in the process of breathing?

29. Which one of the following elements is needed in the human anatomy to transfer electric signals by nerve cells?

30. If bilrubin is high in human body, which of the following organs is affected?

31. The appendix is attached to which large part of human anatomy?

32. In the human body, which one of the following hormones regulates blood calcium and phosphate?


33. In human beings, normally, the sperm fertilises the ovum in which of the following parts?

34. Which one of the following parts of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting?

35. Which one of the following types of tissues have contractile proteins?

36. Which part of the brain controls respiration?

37. What is the function of Trypsin?


38. Accumulation of which acid causes muscle fatigue?

39. Which are not included in the milk-teeth in a child of 3-4 years?

40. Which part is covered by the enamel?

41. Which acid is secreted by the glands in the stomach wall?

42. Which one of the following organs excretes water, fat and various catabolic wastes?

43. A surge of which hormone stimulates ovulation in human females?

44. Universal receivers can receive blood from

45. The enzyme that is present in the saliva of man is

46. Which one of the following is the correct sequence in the order of decreasing length of the three structural parts given below of small intestine in the human body ?

47. Which one of the following is not a digestive enzyme in the human system?

48. Dehydration in human body is caused due to the loss of -

49. Production of which one of the following is a function of the liver?

50. If by an unknown accident the acid secreting cells of the stomach wall of an individual are damaged, digestion of which one of the following biomolecule will be affected to a greater extent?