Health and Disease Quiz

Directions: In the questions given below, four options have been given. Click on the option which you think is the RIGHT ANSWER to the question.

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51. Which one of following diseases is caused by the same virus that causes Chicken Pox?

52. Bedaquiline is a medicine used to treat –

53. Diabetes is caused by poor functioning of –

54. Minamata disease is caused due to the poisoning effect of –

55. Gerontologist deals with diseases of –

56. The tablet given to children for deworming –

57. Which is an eating disorder?

58. Low blood sugar in human body is known as –

59. Oseltamivir phosphate is generally prescribed for –

60. Oncology is the study of –

61. Nyctalopia is commonly known as –

62. What is the unit of blood glucose measurement?

63. Gingivitis is a disease affecting the –

64. Platelet count is severely affected in which of the following diseases?

65. Tinea Pedis affects which part of the body?


66. Which of the following is NOT a hormonal disease?

67. Which virus has been linked with birth defect microcephaly?

68. Which disease does not affect the skin?

69. Which of the following conditions does not affect the bones?

70. Which condition does not affect the eyes?

71. Pharmaceutical capsules are generally made from –

72. A nephrologist deals with the diseases of the

73. Which of the following is an eating disorder?

74. Which part of the body is affected by diphtheria?

75. A hepatologist deals with the diseases of the –