Directions: In the questions given below, four options have been given. Click on the option which you think is the RIGHT ANSWER to the question.

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1. What is the number of deciduous teeth in human beings?

2. Tongue is attached to the floor of the mouth by –

3. Mandible is the other name for which of the following parts?

4. Which are the largest salivary glands?

5. Which of these enzymes is present in saliva?

6. Which of the following is also known as the maxilla?

7. Which type of teeth are used to grind food?

8. Which of the following prevents the food from going into the nose?

9. Which of the following prevents the food from entering the trachea?

10. How many wisdom teeth does an adult generally have?

11. The oral cavity is also known as the –


12. The total number of molars in the mouth of a human being is –

13. The number of incisors in a human being is –

14. The function of the enzyme lysozyme is –

15. Genioglossus is a muscle found in the –

16. What is the number of premolars in the mouth?

17. Which type of teeth is also known as cuspid?

18. Which tonsils are visible through the open mouth?

19. Function of which of the following is to kill germs and help to prevent throat and lung infections?

20. Which of the following diseases is not related to mouth?

21. How many major pairs of salivary glands do humans have?