Choose the most suitable word - 1

Directions: Each item in this section consists of a sentence with an underlined word followed by four words/group of words. Select the option NEAREST IN MEANING to the underlined word by clicking on it. You can change the option as many times as you like.


1. The properties of the family have been IMPOUNDED by the order of the court.

  1. confiscated
  2. permitted
  3. sold
  4. put on hold

2. The officer in charge of the operations has been IMPUGNED for the excesses.

  1. expelled
  2. rewarded
  3. challenged
  4. given allowance

3. Cognitivist and linguists believe that every child is born with INNATE qualities.

  1. biological
  2. intrinsic
  3. extrinsic
  4. unnatural

4. It was OBLIGATORY for the board to implement the rule.

  1. compulsory
  2. unnecesary
  3. by chance
  4. problematic

5. They describe the act as a blatant BETRAYAL of faith.

  1. loyal
  2. faithfulness
  3. treachery
  4. honesty

6. However, if it must decide, then it should do so on the NARROWEST ground possible.

  1. wildest
  2. slightly
  3. smallest
  4. thick


7. This is akin to a contractual relationship that places obligations on the entities entrusted with data.

  1. removed
  2. narrow
  3. similar
  4. unparallel

8. Many communication problems can be attributed directly to misunderstandings and inaccuracies.

  1. disapproved
  2. unofficial
  3. ascribed
  4. tribute

9. The exemptions granted to State institutions for acquiring informed consent from processing personal data in many cases appear to be too blanket.

  1. obtaining
  2. losing
  3. giving
  4. thinking

10. The manner in which this exercise has been undertaken leaves much to be desired .

  1. disliked
  2. unlikely
  3. wished for
  4. asked for