Fill in the Blanks with Suitable Words

Directions: Each of the following sentences has a blank space and four words are given below. Click on the word you consider most APPROPRIATE. You can change the option as many times as you like. This is a self-assessment exercise, so click on each answer only once and proceed to the next question.

Practice Exercise 1

UPSC CDSE Exam - I of 2020

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Choose the correct answer

1. On his way to the capital, the minister __________ the eminent social worker at his residence.

a. called on

b. called

c. calling for

d. call off

Right or Wrong

2. The fire brigade fought for four hours to __________ the fire in the building.

a. put in

b. put out

c. put on

d. put off

3. Ravi has proved that he can ___________ on his promise by winning the match.

a. carry through

b. carry out

c. carry

d. carry off

4. It is best to __________ politics when in the classroom.

a. keep out

b. keep on

c. keep off

d. keeping

5. It shows that she has ___________ many years of service.

a. put in

b. put out

c. put

d. put on

6. The chairperson said that the group was __________ of time.

a. running out

b. running

c. running with

d. run out

7. If I ___________ an angel, I would solve the problems of people.

a. am

b. were

c. was

d. have

8. Where there is a __________ , there is a way.

a. way

b. road

c. wing

d. will

9. The police could not establish how the accident _______.

a. came off

b. came about

c. came on

d. came out

10. I ___________ my old friend after twenty years.

a. ran into

b. ran in

c. run in

d. run on

Practice Exercise 2

UPSC CDSE Exam - I of 2023

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Choose the correct answer

11. He was __________ speaker that I had ever heard.

a. the most eloquent

b. the more eloquent

c. very eloquent

d. eloquent

Right or Wrong

12. What was the name of the person to __________ you spoke on the phone?

a. who

b. whom

c. whose

d. which

13. Have you seen Mohan ___________?

a. lately

b. yesterday

c. lastly

d. late

14. We live in __________ an old house.

a. rather

b. fairly

c. quite

d. pretty

15. I am playing tennis tomorrow unless ___________.

a. it rains

b. it doesn't rain

c. it rained

d. it may rain

16. The __________ of the car is unknown.

a. make up

b. making

c. made up

d. make

17. He paid his debts ___________ to the last penny.

a. down

b. over

c. full

d. fully

18. Developing __________ in a diverse country requires detailed planning.

a. growth

b. scarcity

c. poverty

d. infrastructure

19. _______ provisions have been made to support agriculture.

a. Procurement

b. Subsidized

c. Adequate

d. Capital

20. The ___________ growth in the Indian financial markets can be attributed to a number of reforms.

a. efficiency

b. phenomenal

c. catastrophe

d. meteor

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