Fill in the blanks with suitable words - 9

Directions: Each of the following sentences has a blank space and four words are given below. Click on the word you consider most APPROPRIATE. You can change the option as many times as you like.


1. With the less rapid expansion of the economy, we should make __________ progress toward stable price levels.

  1. detailed
  2. substantial
  3. definite
  4. infinite

2. At times he gets very angry, and then no one can ________ him.

  1. prevent
  2. humour
  3. mollify
  4. satisfy

3. Many people today have fallen into utter confusion of values with the result that they cannot __________ the good from the bad.

  1. divide
  2. differentiate
  3. see
  4. alter

4. If Mohan _______ at 5 a.m., he would not have missed the train.

  1. started
  2. had started
  3. would start
  4. has started

5. His property was divided ________ his daughters and sons.

  1. between
  2. among
  3. from
  4. with

6. His persistence in his misdemeanours has lowered him in the ________ of everyone who knowns him.

  1. eyes
  2. estimation
  3. estimate
  4. esteem


7. The clouds of suspicion will clear _______ soon.

  1. up
  2. away
  3. off
  4. by

8. The teachers said that they were no longer prepared to ________ the ways of the new Headmaster.

  1. put over with
  2. put on with
  3. put up with
  4. put up to

9. _______ the construction of new housing units at the rate of one every month, there is still a shortage of accommodation.

  1. Through
  2. Despite
  3. By
  4. For

10. Democracy requires the equal right of all to the development of such capacity for good as nature has ________ them with.

  1. presented
  2. endowed
  3. fortified
  4. replenished

Explanation to Q.5

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It is assumed that the property was divided between TWO entities viz. daughters and sons. If the daughters and sons (numbering more than 2) are considered individually, them among should be used. In such a case, children should substitute daughters and sons.