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Improve Your Vocabulary - 6

1. maxim

a short statement expressing a general truth

The maxim "You are never too old to learn" is most valid in these days of the internet.

2. mirth

gladness or amusement, especially when expressed by laughter

The mirth in the eyes was apparent when she saw her two-year old dance all alone.

3. nadir

the point of greatest adversity or despair; all-time low (antonym of zenith)

The relations between the two neighbours have reached a nadir and the slightest provocation could result in a war.

4. naive

an innocent, unaffected person

He was too naive to understand the real motive behind the party thrown by his friends.

5. opine

to have an opinion; judge,

Seeing the man hanging in the room the police opined that it was a case of suicide.

6. rabid

unreasonable or fanatical in opinion

The rabid followers of the fake guru turned violent when he was arrested for heinous crimes.

7. realm

a field or domain of activity or interest

Many recent medical innovations have deepened my interest in the realm of medicine.

8. smirk

a conceited or silly smile

When he tasted the food and looked at the smirk on the face of his wife, he understood that she was very angry with him.

9. tepid

lukewarm; neither warm nor cool

There was a tepid response to the politician's speech who had failed to address the main issues.

10. trite

(of a remark or idea) dull on account of overuse

The audience was bored of the comedian's performance who tried to regale them with his trite one-liners.

Take a test on the Words you have learnt

1. Neither warm nor cool
2. Gladness or amusement
3. All time low
4. Fanatical in opinion
5. A conceited smile
6. A short statement expressing general truth
7. Dull on account of overuse
8. An innocent person
9. To have an opinion
10. Field of activity or interest


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