Important Five Letter Words

Improve Your Vocabulary - 5

1. atone

to make amends for past failings

To atone for the destruction caused by the Kalinga war, Emperor Ashoka vowed never to wage any war.

2. belie

fail to give a true impression of

In an attempt to belie the fact that he was nervous, Hari started singing loudly when he was alone at night.

3. cache

a place for hiding or safekeeping of provisions, valuables

The police found a huge cache of arms and ammunition at the local leader's farmhouse.

4. demur

to raise objections or show reluctance; object

When the watchman shouted at the children they left the park without a demur.

5. ennui

listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from boredom

If mobile phones were to be taken away, most of us would be dead of ennui.

6. feign

to give a false appearance

All the children feigned ignorance when asked about the broken window.

7. gloat

to indulge in malicious or excessive satisfaction

It is not good manners to gloat over one's victory.

8. jaunt

a short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure

It is common for politicians to go on foreign jaunts on public expense.

9. knave

an unprincipled, dishonest person

Nandu was knave person who borrowed money from new employees with his sweet talk but never returned it.

10. livid

furiously angry, dark bluish in colour

When he was wrongly charged for traffic violation Prakash became livid and complained to the Commissioner of Police.

Take a test on the Words you have learnt

1. A place for safekeeping of provisions
2. To give a false appearance
3. To make amends for past deeds
4. A short trip or excursion
5. To indulge in excessive satisfaction
6. To raise objections
7. Fail to give a true impression of
8. Furiously angry
9. An unprincipled or dishonest person
10. Dissatisfaction arising from boredom