Pairs of Confusing Words - II

Improve Your Vocabulary - 4

1. allude and elude

a. allude: refer briefly or indirectly

b. elude: escape skillfully from

The notorious criminal has managed to elude the law, though all evidence alludes to him.

2. momentary and momentous

a. momentary: lasting only a moment

b. momentous: of great importance or significance

A momentary lapse of concentration deprived him of a momentous discovery.

3. pecuniary and penury

a. pecuniary: relating to money

b. penury: extreme poverty

His irresponsible pecuniary habits drove him to penury.

4. veracious and voracious

a. veracious: truthful

b. voracious: greedy in eating, having a very eager approach to an activity

The diary is a veracious record of the voracious reading habits of my friend.

5. appraise and apprise

a. appraise: estimate the value or quality of

b. apprise: inform

The chartered accountant was asked to appraise the stock and apprise the same to the management.

6. prescribe and proscribe

a. prescribe: to authorise use of medicine etc., recommend

b. proscribe: to officially forbid something

Though selling of medicines not prescribed by a doctor is proscribed, the practice is rampant in India.

7. confirm and conform

a. confirm: make firmer or definite

b. conform: make similar, be in accordance with rules, standards

The shopkeeper confirmed that the local product conforms to the standards set by the government.

8. auspices and auspicious

a. auspices: patronage and guidance

b. auspicious: showing signs that promise success

The institute was inaugurated on an auspicious day under the auspices of the Chief Minister.

9. malaise and malice

a. malaise: feeling of illness or uneasiness

b. malice: desire to harm others or to tease

The increasing malice among members of society towards one another is a grim indicator of social malaise that afflicts us.

10. flaunt and flout

a. flaunt: to show off, to display ostentatiously

b. flout: disregard a rule, to refuse to obey

Youngsters take pride in flouting traffic rules and then flaunt such misdemeanours in front of their friends.