Important Adjectives to Improve Vocabulary

Improve Your Vocabulary - 2

1. perpetual: lasting or enduring forever or for an indefinitely long time

The planets are in perpetual motion around the sun.

2. archaic: ancient, obsolete

Today's electronic devices make gadgets of last year look archaic.

3. conspicuous: easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable

White markings have been put on the speed breakers to make them conspicuous.

4. rancid: having bad smell or taste, stale

The hotel rooms were damp and dark and food served was rancid.

5. indolent: disliking work, lazy

The youngster was too indolent to even attend an interview for employment.

6. exorbitant: unreasonable or excessive (esp. prices)

The vendors quoted exorbitant prices for flowers on the festival day.

7. genial: cheerful, friendly, and sympathetic; amiable

His warm genial personality won the hearts of many.

8. judicious: sensible, prudent

A person who spends his money in a judicious manner is never short of it.

9. virtuoso: a person who has special knowledge or skill in a field

Ravi Shankar, a sitar virtuoso enthralled the audience with his performance.

10. insolent: rude, disrespectful

An insolent student reflects the type of background he has been brought up in.

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