Words Related to Truth and Falsehood

Improve Your Vocabulary - 1

1. veracity: truthfulness or honesty; precision; accuracy

The veracity of this statement is questionable.

2. perjury: deliberate or willful uttering of untruths when under oath in a court etc.

A witness commiting perjury should be treated like a criminal.

3. conscientious: involving or taking great care; governed by or done according to conscience

Older persons are more conscientious about following traffic rules.

4. Machiavellian: crafty or deceitful

He failed to win the elections despite his machiavellian tactics.

5. candid: very honest or frank in what one says or writes

The minister was very candid about his college days.

6. prevaricate: to turn aside from, or evade, the truth

The contractor regularly prevaricated whenever he was questioned about the delay in the project.

7. plausible: apparently reasonable and valid

The reason he gave for being late, though plausible was not believed by anybody.

8. credulous: one who is willing to believe on little evidence

The arguments put forward by the advocate could not convince even the most credulous among the audience.

9. axiom: a self evident or universally recognised truth

The provision of free ration to the soldiers is based on the old axiom that an army marches on its stomach.

10. verisimilitude: the appearance or semblance of truth

The award winning film was entertaining but lacked verisimilitude.