Pairs of Confusing Words - I

Improve Your Vocabulary - 3

1. collision and collusion

a. collision: a violent impact of one body against another; clash of interests

The cars were damaged beyond recognition in the collision that took place on M.G. Road.

b. collusion: agreement made for a deceitful or fraudulent purpose

The investigating agency discovered that the bank robbery was committed in collusion with the guard.

2. forthright and forthwith

a. forthright: frank, outspoken

It was his forthright behaviour which cost him his job.

b. forthwith: immediately

The manager ordered that the mail be despatched forthwith.

3. deprecate and depreciate

a. deprecate: express disapproval of

The clerk's habit of coming late was deprecated strongly by the manager.

b. depreciate: make or become lower in value

A car depreciates more than ten percent of its value within a month.

4. luxuriant and luxurious

a. luxuriant: growing profusely

Every shampoo and hair oil in the market promises a luxuriant growth of hair in a short period of time.

b. luxurious: supplied with luxuries, very comfortable

Everything in the house revealed a luxurious lifestyle of the occupant.

5. aggrieved and bereaved

a. aggrieved: having a grievance

The leader promised to compensate the aggrieved at the earliest.

b. bereaved: a person who has been suffered the death of a relative

The terrorist attack in the market-place left many bereaved.

6. palatable and palpable

a. palatable: pleasant to the taste or mind

The hotel was cheap but the food was generally palatable.

b. palpable: able to be touched or felt

There was palpable resentment against the manner in which he was arrested.

7. emaciated and emancipated

a. emaciated: thin from starvation or illness

The social workers visiting the drought affected area found that most of the children were severely emaciated.

b. emancipated: freed from bondage, liberated

A number of legislations are aimed at the emancipation of the under-privileged.

8. ramify and ratify

a. ramify: to branch out, to extend into subdivisions

The decision to increase the fuel prices had wide economic ramifications in the country.

b. ratify: confirm formally, make something officially valid

In spite of the challenge of global warming, not every country is willing to ratify the Kyoto protocol.

9. defiant and diffident

a. defiant: to resist openly and boldly; open disobedience

The boy remained defiant even in the face of punishment.

b. diffident: lacking self-confidence

Poor knowledge of English was the main reason for his diffidence at work.

10.affluent and effluent

a. affluent: wealthy

This particular tax policy has been framed to favour the affluent.

b. effluent: outflow, sewage

The effluents from the factory have polluted the river.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Collision and Collusion

collusion and collision difference

Palatable and Palpable

palatable and palpable difference

Forthright and Forthwith

forthright and forthwith difference

Deprecate and Depreciate

deprecate and depreciate difference

Luxuriant and Luxurious

luxuriant and luxurious difference

Defiant and Diffident

defiant and diffident difference

Emaciated and Emancipated

emaciated and emancipated difference


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