Examples of Active and Passive Voice Sentences

Active VoicePassive Voice
1. We will not allow them to run away.They will not be allowed to run away by us.
2. Everyone must read this book.This book must be read by everyone.
3. He knew that his own life was unjust.It was known to him that his own life was unjust
4. The student has learnt the answer by heart.The answer has been learnt by heart by the student
5. The old lady touched and patted the cow.The cow was touched and patted by the old lady
6. My grandfather gave me this watch.This watch was given to me by my grandfather.
7. Alexander expected to conquer the world.It was expected by Alexander that he would conquer the world.
8. The building seemed empty.It seemed that the building was empty.
9. The artist is creating a mural that reflects the cultural diversity of the community.A mural that reflects the cultural diversity of the community is being created by the artist.
10. She begins her day with a cup of coffee.Her day is begun with a cup of coffee.

Active to Passive Voice in different tenses

active to passive voice tensewise
Active VoicePassive Voice
11. Cacao tastes bitter.Cacao is bitter when it is tasted.
12. A great man acknowledged me as a flatterer to him.I was acknowledged by a great man to be his flatterer.
13. Let us help him.Let him be helped by us.
14. The archaeologists unearthed ancient artifacts dating back thousands of years.Ancient artifacts dating back thousands of years were unearthed by the archaeologists.
15. You have to do this immediately.This has to be done by you immediately.
16. The labourers were digging a canal.A canal was being dug by the labourers.
17. The watchman switched on the lights before it began to grow dark.The lights were switched on by the watchman before it began to grow dark.
18. The renowned author has written numerous critically acclaimed novels throughout her career.Numerous critically acclaimed novels have been written by the renowned author throughout her career.
19. They will reward her for her kind deed.She will be rewarded for her kind deed.
20. God gives us happiness.Happiness is given to us by God.

When Passive Voice does not containg a subject

passive to active voice
21. The scientist conducted a series of intricate experiments to test the hypothesis.A series of intricate experiments were conducted by the scientist to test the hypothesis.
22. Kindly offer your remarks.You are requested to offer your remarks.
23. I shall be obliged to go.Circumstances will oblige me to go.
24. It is time to water the plants.It is time for the plants to be watered.
25. The same burglary team had stolen our vehicle from our garage.Our vehicle had been stolen from our garage by the same burglary team.
26. These days most of the students do their assignments with the help of the internet.These days the assignments are being done with the help of the internet by most of the students.
27. The government is implementing strict measures to address the environmental crisis.Strict measures to address the environmental crisis are being implemented by the government.
28. The interference of the police force could hardly have altered the situation.The situation could hardly have been altered by the interference of the police force.
29. Rajesh could not complete his paper because he had a headache.The paper of Rajesh could not be completed by him because he had a headache.
30. The Swiss regarded him as an imposter and called him a Villain.He was regarded as an imposter and was called a Villain by the Swiss.

Proverbs in Active and Passive Voice

Proverbs in Active and Passive Voice
31. The research team has discovered a previously unknown species of marine life in the deep ocean.A previously unknown species of marine life in the deep ocean has been discovered by the research team.
32. The pianist performed a challenging piece composed by a modern music virtuoso.A challenging piece composed by a modern music virtuoso was performed by the pianist.
33. The judge ordered the murderer to be hanged.The murderer was ordered by the judge to be hanged.
34. We shall write a novel.A novel will be written by us.
35. I didn't speak even a single word in the meeting.Even a single word was not spoken by me in the meeting.
36. Too many cooks spoil the broth.Broth is spoilt by too many cooks.
37. All know that the broth is spoilt by too many cooks.That too many cooks spoil the broth is known to all.
38. Ratan is performing an experiment.An experiment is being performed by Ratan.
39. Shut the door.Let the door be shut.
40. Sita learns her lessons daily.Her lessons are learnt daily by Sita.
41. My brilliant niece is speaking in Italian.Italian is being spoken by my brilliant niece.
42. A very efficient and prosperous merchant lived in a city called Vaishali.In a city called Vaishali, lived a very efficient and prosperous merchant.
43. The servant will execute all orders promptly.All orders will be executed promptly by the servant.
44. Some people were helping the wounded woman.The wounded woman was being helped by some people.
45. My father will write a letter.A letter will be written by my father.
46. The negotiations between the two nations reached a delicate stage due to geopolitical tensions.A delicate stage was reached in the negotiations between the two nations due to geopolitical tensions.
47. The gardener ought to water the plants daily.The plants ought to be watered daily by the gardener.
48. They fund schools for girls.Schools for girls are funded by them.
49. I have lost my book.My book had been lost.
50. My father has promised me a bicycle.I have been promised a bicycle by my father.
51. The boy did not break the glass.The glass was not broken by the boy.
52. The jury found the convict guilty.The convict was found guilty by the jury.
53. She is putting in many hours of work.Many hours of work are being put in by her.
54. The lady of the house was furnishing the mansion.The mansion was being furnished by the lady of the house.
55. They established this club in 2000.This club was established in 2000.
56. Open the door.Let the door be opened.
57. Everyone praises good men.Good men are praised by everyone.
58. The principal will announce the results.The results will be announced by the principal.
59. My mother bakes cakes.Cakes are baked by my mother.
60. For a long time people believed the earth to be flat.The earth was believed to be flat for a long time.
61. We prohibit smoking.Smoking is prohibited.

Active to Passive Voice of Interrogative Sentences

active to passive interrogative sentences
62. Did everybody miss the first bus?Was the first bus missed by everybody?
63. Who wrote it?By whom was it written?
64. Who is feeding the child?By whom is the child being fed?
65. Can I ever forget those happy moments?Can those happy moments be ever forgotten by me?
66. Who gave you the money?By whom were you given the money?
67. Who had laughed at you?By whom had you been laughed at?
68. Where do you keep the current magazines?Where are the current magazines kept by you?
69. Who tore the curtains yesterday?By whom were the curtains torn yesterday?
70. Did he plan an excursion to mountains?Was an excursion to mountains planned by him?
71. Did the teacher explain the assignment to the students?Was the assignment explained to the students by the teacher?
72. Have they completed the construction of the new bridge? Has the construction of the new bridge been completed by them?
73. Is the chef preparing a special dish for the occasion? Is a special dish being prepared for the occasion by the chef?
74. Are they organizing the event in the conference hall? Is the event being organized in the conference hall by them?
75. Will the company launch the new product next month? Will the new product be launched by the company next month?
76. Has the mechanic fixed your car yet? Has your car been fixed by the mechanic yet?
77. Is the committee announcing the results tomorrow? Are the results being announced by the committee tomorrow?
78. Did the police arrest the suspect yesterday? Was the suspect arrested by the police yesterday?
79. Is she writing an important report for the meeting? Is an important report being written for the meeting by her?
80. Have they awarded her the first prize in the competition? Has the first prize in the competition been awarded to her by them?
81. Please close the door quietly.The door may please be closed quietly.
82. Turn off the lights before leaving.The lights may be turned off before leaving.
83. Complete your homework before bedtime.Your homework should be completed before bedtime.
84. Don't forget to bring your umbrella.Bringing your umbrella ought not be forgotten.
85. Be respectful to your elders.Your elders ought to be treated respectfully.
86. Clean your room right now.Your room be cleaned right now.
87. Silence your phones during the movie.Your phones are to be silenced during the movie.
88. Finish your vegetables before having dessert.Your vegetables be finished before dessert is had.
89. Read the instructions carefully.Instructions are to read carefully.
90. Stay safe and follow the rules.Rules are to be followed and safety ensured.