alphabet C

Synonyms of Words beginning with C

1. cache

store; hoard; reserve; stockpile; vault

2. calibre

merit; ability; capacity; talent; size

3. callous

insensible; heartless; indifferent; uncaring; apathetic

4. candid

frank; sincere; truthful; straightforward; forthright

5. castigate

punish; chastise; penalize; discipline

6. cajole

coax; seduce; persuade; beguile

7. calamity

disaster; catastrophe; tragedy; hardship

8. camouflage

disguise; mask; cloak; veil; misrepresent

9. cantankerous

quarrelsome; ill-natured; choleric; ill-tempered

10. capitulate

surrender; yield; succumb; concede; relent

11. cardinal

important; chief; key; principal; essential

12. chaos

disorder; confusion; pandemonium; bedlam; turmoil


13. chaste

pure; virginal; undefiled; stainless; clean

14. clinch

secure; confirm; conclude

15. clumsy

awkward; ungraceful; unskilful; inept

16. coherent

orderly; consistent; organised; reasonable; rational

17. colossal

huge; gigantic; massive; immense; enormous; vast

18. conspicuous

obvious; evident; apparent; clear; prominent

19. contemptuous

sneering; scornful; insulting; insolent

20. conscientious

fair; moral; upright; principled; righteous; scrupulous

Quiz on Synonyms

Select the right answer

1. Which of the following is the synonym of quarrelsome?

2. Which of the following is the synonym of colossal?

3. To capitulate means to -

4. The synonym of cardinal is -

5. If one is being candid, it means he is being -

6. What is the synonym of conspicuous?

7. If one is being callous, it means he being -