alphabet B

Synonyms of Words beginning with B

1. backlash

reaction; backfire; boomerang; rebound; repercussion

2. banish

exile; deport; expel; extradite

3. berate

scold; chide; abuse; upbraid

4. bawdy

lewd; obscene; coarse; vulgar; crude

5. beckon

signal; summon; gesture; call

6. bedlam

pandemonium; uproar; hubbub; commotion; confusion


7. beguile

cheat; delude; deceive; dupe

8. behold

see; look; perceive; view


9. belittle

trivialize; deprecate; diminish; downgrade; criticise

10. belligerent

warlike; bellicose; quarrelsome; aggressive; combative

11. benefactor

sponsor; supporter; donor; patron

12. benevolence

kindness; goodness; generosity; magnanimity; altruism

13. berserk

amok; mad; wild; frenzied; maniacal

14. bewilder

confuse; perplex; baffle; puzzle; befuddle

15. bizarre

unusual; peculiar; weird; eccentric; whimsical


16. bleak

cheerless; gloomy; dismal; depressing; sad; dreary

17. brazen

shameless; outspoken; rude; insolent

18. brink

edge; verge; brim; margin; rim

19. brittle

fragile; breakable; frail; frangible

20. beseech

implore; plead; beg; entreat


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