alphabet ASynonyms of Words beginning with A

1. abandon

forsake; desert; leave; relinquish; drop

2. abet

encourage; assist; urge; aid; help

3. abhor

hate; detest; loathe; abominate

4. abject

miserable, wretched; degraded

5. abound

thrive; flourish; prevail

6. abridge

shorten; reduce; cut; abbreviate; condense; compress

7. absurd

ridiculous; unreasonable; ludicrous; laughable

8. absolute

perfect; complete; total; finished; thorough


9. amiable

friendly; likeable; congenial; courteous; pleasant

10. alien

foreign; strange; exotic; unfamiliar

11. ample

spacious; abundant; plentiful; copious; sufficient;

12. animated

lively; spirited; active; energetic; excited

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13. ardent

eager; zealous; fervent; passionate; enthusiastic

14. arrogant

pompous; haughty; snobbish; presumptous

15. ashamed

embarrassed; abashed; chagrined; sheepish

16. astute

shrewd; clever; adroit; crafty; sly; cunning

17. atrocious

wicked; cruel; monstrous; gruesome; ruthless

18. audacious

daring; bold; brave; rash; reckless

19. awesome

imposing; amazing; wonderful; breathtaking; stunning

20. awful

terrible; horrible; ugly; tasteless