alphabet J

Synonyms of Words beginning with J, K & L

1. jaded:

exhausted, weary, tired

2. jealous:

resentful, bitter, grudging, envious, covetous

3. judicious:

sensible, commonsensical, sound, sober, intelligent

4. juvenile:

young, youthful, minor, teenage(d), immature

alphabet K

5. keepsake:

memento, souvenir, token, reminder, remembrance

6. kickback:

rebate, refund, share, compensation, commission, percentage

7. killjoy:

spoilsport, damper, dampener, grouch, grump, malcontent

8. knack:

genius, intuition, talent, gift, talent, facility, skill

alphabet L

9. laborious:

arduous, burdensome, onerous, strenuous, gruelling

10. lackadaisical:

lethargic, languorous, languid, listless, lazy

11. lambaste:

beat, whip, scourge, flog, lash, maul, horsewhip

12. laudable:

praiseworthy, meritorious, creditable, admirable, outstanding

13. legendary:

fabled, storied, traditional; heroic, epic, mythic

14. lethargic:

lethargical, sluggish, slow, dull, heavy, lazy

15. ludicrous:

ridiculous, laughable, absurd, farcical, nonsensical

16. luscious:

delectable, delicious, mouth-watering, tasty, toothsome

17. luxurious:

opulent, sumptuous, grand, extravagant, lavish, magnificent