alphabet D

Synonyms of Words beginning with D

1. daunt

intimidate; discourage; unnerve; frighten; terrify; scare

2. dearth

deficiency; scarcity; shortage; paucity; lack


3. debonair

elegant; refined; urbane; civil

4. deference

respect; regard; courtesy; consideration; civility

5. defiant

bold; challenging; audacious; daring; disobedient; stubborn

6. defunct

dead; inoperative; unusable; obsolete; extinct

7. denounce

accuse; stigmatize; blame; implicate; charge; betray

8. derelict

deserted; neglected; abandoned; forsaken; irresponsible; careless

9. despondent

dejected; sad; sorrowful; depressed; discouraged

10. desultory

unsteady; wavering; unsystematic; unorganized; haphazard

11. diligent

industrious; persevering; persistent; hard-working; earnest


12. discreet

careful; cautious; tactful; guarded; diplomatic

13. disparage

belittle; diminish; devalue; demean; derogate

14. dogmatic

dictatorial; overbearing; arrogant; insistent

15. dumbfounded

shocked; surprised; startled; nonplussed; stunned

16. decrepit

feeble; weak; frail; dilapidated; withered

17. deplorable

regrettable; lamentable; shameful; disgraceful; dreadful

18. detest

hate; abhor; loathe; despise; abominate

19. detrimental

harmful; disadvantageous; adverse; unfavourable; destructive

20. devious

deceitful; misleading; dishonest; treacherous; crafty

Quiz on Synonyms

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1. Which of the following is the synonym of dejected?

2. Which of the following is the synonym of careful?

3. To hate means to -

4. The synonym of deference is -

5. If something is unusable, it means it is -

6. What is the synonym of desultory?

7. If one is being defiant, it means he being -