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Synonyms of Words beginning with E

1. ecstasy

delight, joy, rapture, bliss, happiness

2. eccentric

idiosyncratic, unconventional, unusual, uncommon


3. efficacious

effective, effectual, productive, competent, capable

4. elegant

exquisite, handsome, beautiful, comely, smart

5. eloquent

expressive, articulate, fluent, well-spoken,


6. elusive

evasive, slippery, tricky, shifty

7. enhance

improve, better, augment, boost, elevate

8. enliven

invigorate, inspirit, animate, stimulate, vitalize

9. equitable

fair, even-handed, just, impartial, unbiased

10. exotic:

foreign, alien, strange, unfamiliar


11. expedient:

suitable, appropriate, fitting, right, correct

12. exquisite:

delicate, fine, elegant, graceful, excellent

13. extol:

exalt, glorify, praise, laud, applaud


14. esteem:

respect, value, treasure, cherish

15. emphatic

firm, uncompromising, determined, decided, resolute

16. endearing

attractive, likeable, appealing, winsome, captivating

17. entice

lure, allure, tempt, attract, seduce

18. ethical:

moral, upright, righteous, just, principled

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