alphabet F

Synonyms of Words beginning with F

1. fabulous

fabled, legendary, fictitious, fictional, fanciful, imaginary

2. fallacy

misconception, miscalculation, misjudgement, mistake, error


3. famished

starving, voracious, ravenous, craving, hungry

4. fanatical

extreme, maniacal, mad, rabid, frenzied, feverish, burning, frantic

5. farcical:

ludicrous, laughable, funny, nonsensical, ridiculous, silly, absurd

6. fastidious:

squeamish, delicate, fussy, meticulous, finicky

7. feasible:

practicable, workable, viable, possible, achievable, attainable,

8. feeble:

weak, infirm, frail, debilitated, decrepit, exhausted,

9. fervent:

fiery, burning, intense, passionate, ardent

10. fickle:

capricious, frivolous, unpredictable, moody

11. finesse:

artfulness, subtlety, cunning, craftiness, cleverness

12. flagrant:

blatant, brazen, bold, audacious, glaring, outrageous

13. flaunt:

display, parade, exhibit, sport


14. flaw:

fault, defect, imperfection, error, mistake, blemish

15. flourish:

prosper, thrive, grow, develop, bloom, blossom

17. forlorn:

miserable, wretched, desolate, woebegone, pathetic

18. formidable:

alarming, appalling, dreadful, frightful, awesome, menacing


strength, mettle, courage, nerve, resoluteness, endurance, tenacity

20. fragrant:

aromatic, odorous, perfumed, balmy, odoriferous, sweet-smelling

21. frantic:

frenzied, excited, nervous, excitable, distraught


thrifty, sparing, economical, careful, prudent


Quiz on Synonyms

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1. Which of the following is the synonym of famished?

2. Which of the following is the synonym of weak?

3. A frugal person is one who is -

4. The synonym of aromatic is -

5. If something is achievable, it means it is -

6. What is the synonym of fortitude?

7. If something is being ludicrous, it can be -