alphabet N

Synonyms of Words beginning with N & O

1. naive:

childlike, credulous, innocent, gullible, simple


2. nauseating:

disgusting, sickening, repeling, offending

3. neurotic:

obsessive, unstable, disturbed, confused, irrational

4. nimble:

lively, agile, active, light, lithe, sprightly

5. nonchalant:

unexcited, cool, unperturbed, dispassionate, undisturbed

6. nondescript:

ordinary, commonplace, undistinctive, unremarkable

7. notorious:

infamous, disreputable, dishonourable, disgraceful, ignominious

8. novice:

beginner, amateur, newcomer, neophyte, learner


alphabet O

9. obeisance:

respect, deference, homage, reverence, honour

10. oblivion:

obscurity, darkness, blankness, nothingness, extinction

11. obnoxious:

revolting, repulsive, repugnant, disgusting, offensive

12. obsolete:

out-date, antiquated, archaic, ancient

13. obstinate:

stubborn, persistent, recalcitrant, tenacious, headstrong


14. officious:

dictatorial, intrusive, meddlesome, interfering, obtrusive

15. opulent:

rich, wealthy, affluent, prosperous

16. ostentatious:

showy, flaunting, boastful, vain, vainglorious, flamboyant