alphabet M

Synonyms of Words beginning with M

1. macabre:

deadly, frightful, gruesome, terrible

2. majestic:

grand, noble, glorious, magnificent, awesome

3. manifold:

diverse, assorted, varied, multifarious


4. martial:

warlike, belligerent, pugnacious, militant

5. meagre:

inadequate, paltry, scanty, sparse

6. mediocre:

ordinary, average, fair, commonplace

mediocrity is sin

7. melancholy:

sad, unhappy, dejected, gloomy, glum

8. meticulous:

careful, scrupulous, thorough, exact, accurate


9. miserable:

depressed, wretched, unhappy, dejected, sorrowful

10. mitigate:

lessen, reduce, moderate, abate, relieve

11. mock:

tease, taunt, ridicule, jeer, deride

12. momentary:

temporary, transitory, fleeting, ephemeral


13. momentous:

important, crucial, significant, vital

14. monotonous:

boring, dull, tiresome, repetitious, unexciting

15. muster:

assemble, collect, summon, gather, mobilize

16. myth:

legend, fable, tale, story

Quiz on Synonyms

Words beginning with letter M

Select the right answer

1. Which of the following is a synonym of martial?

2. Which word means the same as inadequate?

3. Which of the following is a synonym of mitigate?

4. Which word means the same as terrible?

5. When something is dull or tiresome, it is -

6. Which of the following is a synonym of meticulous?

7. When something is transitory, it is -

Fill in the Blanks Quiz

Directions: The answers in each of the blank given below is to be filled with a word beginning with the letter M, the synonym of which is given in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. So type the word in the blank and click on the Submit button to check your answer.

1. In the landscapes of the Grand Canyon, runs the Colorado river.(grand)

2. The of the Great Depression lingered over the lives of Dust Bowl migrants. (sadness).

3. The American Constitution is an example of drafting. (careful).

4. were the days of the Civil War when brother fought against brother. (sorrowful).

5. The thrill of the gold rush drew prospectors from far and wide. (temporary).

6. The signing of the Emancipation Proclamation marked a pivotal point in the fight against slavery.(significant)

7. The of the American Dream is built on hard work and opportunity (legend).

8. The citizens would their strength and resolve as America was unwittingly drawn into World War II. (gather).

9. The vast geography of America is home to wonders which holds the observer in awe. (diverse).

10. The athlete has gone from to a champ in a matter of months. (average).