alphabet M

Synonyms of Words beginning with M

1. macabre:

deadly, frightful, gruesome, terrible

2. majestic:

grand, noble, glorious, magnificent, awesome

3. manifold:

diverse, assorted, varied, multifarious


4. martial:

warlike, belligerent, pugnacious, militant

5. meagre:

inadequate, paltry, scanty, sparse

6. mediocre:

ordinary, average, fair, commonplace

mediocrity is sin

7. melancholy:

sad, unhappy, dejected, gloomy, glum

8. meticulous:

careful, scrupulous, thorough, exact, accurate


9. miserable:

depressed, wretched, unhappy, dejected, sorrowful

10. mitigate:

lessen, reduce, moderate, abate, relieve

11. mock:

tease, taunt, ridicule, jeer, deride

12. momentary:

temporary, transitory, fleeting, ephemeral


13. momentous:

important, crucial, significant, vital

14. monotonous:

boring, dull, tiresome, repetitious, unexciting

15. muster:

assemble, collect, summon, gather, mobilize

16. myth:

legend, fable, tale, story

Quiz on Synonyms

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1. Which of the following is a synonym of martial?

2. Which word means the same as inadequate?

3. Which of the following is a synonym of mitigate?

4. Which word means the same as terrible?

5. When something is dull or tiresome, it is -

6. Which of the following is a synonym of meticulous?

7. When something is transitory, it is -